By March 22, 2016Worship
Make it Holy (shorter)

This is it. One of the biggest, if not THE biggest week of your entire year: Easter, The Holy Week.

Or maybe in your world, the UNholy Week.
Unholy to-do lists. Unholy eating habits. Unholy schedules. 
Are we going to get it all done?

Isn’t it crazy how we can allow the object of our worship to be clouded by the effort it takes to create the worship experience ITSELF? Think about it. How many times have we ALL made a lame attempt to serve God but did it without Him? We allow the means to become the end. We get so stuck on the “serving” part that we forget the object. We work so hard preparing the meal that we forget we get to partake in the meal ourselves. We forget to drink of the wine we are serving. You get the point.

Let’s start over. This week is Holy Week, the “Super Bowl” of our faith. Jesus rose from the grave and dominated sin. More people will walk through our doors than ever before this weekend. BUT, it’s not about the biggest and the best. It’s not about More or Flashier or Faster.  

All those people that will visit our churches have stories. They have baggage. They need Jesus. Don’t forget to stop and savor every experience. Don’t miss a single moment. Slow down. Breathe. It’s about people. Period.

So… as you finalize your programming, make sure that the time code is locked in, every single EQ is perfect on every channel, and plan your camera shots… remember Jesus. Remember people.

Don’t long for Monday. Remember Friday. Reflect on Saturday. And party like it’s 1999 on Sunday!
Celebrate WITH them. 

Don’t miss a single moment. 

You’re making a difference. You’ll never know your full impact. Thanks for what you do.