Lighting Design

Lighting Design
lighting design deals with the design of systems of light (artificial or natural, artificial-mixed) for domestic purposes, planning projects, nautical, spectacular, film, television, art.

Is an area of design continues to evolve with technological innovations in continuous updating; research in recent years is aimed mainly to produce new applications of automated artificial lighting or semi-automated.

Was born from study requirements for the lighting of industrial areas and workplaces, as well as following the first studies of ergonomics and workplace ergotecnica.
Today also includes studies on urban lighting, particularly useful for the purposes of social security and the reduction of electrical consumption, and studies on the use of light as a use in urban installations, performances, events, shows, etc.

The lighting design includes many fields of application of light and according to these sectors are also referred to as designers with different terms, but all related to the study and application of light.

  • civil (lighting, lighting designers, lighting professionals)
  • play (employers light, lighting designer)
  • television (directors of photography, lighting designer)
  • cinema (directors of photography, lighting designer)
  • spectacular (lighting designer, light artist)