Introducing DIVE. For the first time in organizational development, there is a way to combine story, systems and staffing into the same process. DIVE is a vision of WAVE that exists to help churches align their story.

ALIGNMENT – arrangement in appropriate relative positions; a position of agreement or alliance.

Alignment is the backbone for everything in our society. Misaligned framework on a vehicle can result in wear and tear or damage to necessary components. Misaligned vertebrae can result in excruciating pain within the body. Misalignment in relationships can lead to frustration and unrealistic expectations. Misalignment in your church or organization can lead to competing values, lack of clarity, and underdeveloped capacity.

STORY, The Why:

Did you know your facility can tell a story? Did you know that if you were to logically think through the subtle touch points on your campus, you could quietly lead people down a path to understand what the unique mission of your organization is? This can actually happen without ever having to state it from the stage. Imagine how much easier it would be for a person attending your church to believe you when you speak about the unique calling God has placed on your congregation, when they see that calling illustrated and modeled throughout your church.


Every story has a unique set of values that become the tracks that carry your vision along the journey. Without the proper systems you will have a misalignment in values which will always lead to frustration and unclear expectations. Systems are needed to align your story with your staffing. We can help you create the right process and systems to achieve lasting alignment that supports your vision.


What is the unique mission God has laid upon your church or organization? We can help your organization plunge below the surface of your mission and discover your unique role within the body of Christ. Often, there is a misalignment in capacity when a church is not staffed according to what they say they value. We can help you place the right pieces of the puzzle into the right places.