BLUE ORLANDO: FRIDAY - MAY 27, 2016 9am - 4:30pm

BLUE ORLANDO: MAY 2, 2016 – 9:00am – 4:30pm
LOCATION: Real Life Church, 1501 Steve’s Road, Clermont, Fl

BLUE is a vision of WAVE that exists to help ministry teams dive deeper into the methods and missions of church production. Part of the way that we do that is to offer conferences and seminars throughout the country.

BLUE-Orlando is a one day gathering and training for teams working in technical and worship ministries. This one day conference will includes presentations and workshops that span many areas of ministry.

Sessions and Rates


Lighting for Worship – Trey Smith
Is it too much? Is it not enough? Something doesn’t feel right… MORE FOG!!! Kill the FOG!!! We’ve all been through this, so this session is to provide some detailed insight on how to answer these questions. We will also approach different techniques that will set the mood and environment for people as they experience worship.

Sermon Lighting – Trey Smith
Often the sermon lighting is the last thought during programming. The sermon takes up at least half or more of most church services, and most of the times these days… its broadcasted! We’ll take a look deeper into setting up the stage for camera capture as well as the house audience.

Lighting Programming… Keep it from being an Inconvenience – Trey Smith Programming for the weekend somehow often becomes an inconvenience during the week of prep leading up to Sunday. Programming should be the most fun part of the job right? We’ll show you some easy techniques and ideas for setting your programming session up for success. Visualizers, yay or nay?

ProPresenter Sessions – Jerod Togger
Session 1 – ProPresenter – beyond the basics.
In this session, Jerod will spend time explaining just a bit more than the basics of building slides in Pro presenter. He will take us through background lyrics, slide transition timing and much more.

Session 2 – ProPresenter – Next Level Jerod Togger
Now that we have our foundation built, Jerod will take his audience through the use of other styles, making video adjustments, using timers and the master control module.

Session 3 – Live lower thirds – Jerod Togger
In this session Jerod will walk us through the use of lower thirds in live video. We will work through topics like, font size, color, and working with a keyer in the video switcher.

Audio Sessions – Armando Fullwood
Critical Listening
Knowing how to get a certain sound through miking or mixing technique is important. But how do we know what sound to get? Understanding music mixes outside of technology is crucial. This talk and listening session is about the study of music and ear training for live mixers.

FOH Mixing Techniques I – Armando Fullwood
Demonstration of console layout, sound check workflow, gain structure, basic processing, and blending.

FOH Mixing Techniques II – Armando Fullwood
Demonstration of equalization, dynamics processing, blending techniques, artificial effects, advanced processing.

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More About the Speakers

Armando Fullwood

Armando Fullwood

Executive Director - WAVE

Armando Fullwood Co-founder and Executive Director of WAVE, has 30 years of experience developing and managing creative design firms with a focus on vision casting, team building, and client relations. He balances his expertise with equal passions in audio engineering, stage and thematic design, and live recordings. A sample of his many projects include: Production Director for Darlene Zschech’s latest DVD, “Victor’s Crown”; Audio Engineer for Andre’ Crouch’s Live Recording; former Audio Engineer for Israel Houghton and New Breed; Technical Director for Donald Lawrence’s “Go Get Your Life Back, Bible Stories and Parables”; Audio Engineer for Donald Lawrence’s live recording, “Finale”, in Atlanta, Georga; Audio Engineer for TD Jake’s 2006 crusade and international choir recording in Nairobi, Kenya; Live Audio Engineer and Production Coordinator for Watoto Church’s 40th Anniversary in Uganda, Africa; and Technical Engineer for more than 30 recording studios.

Trey Smith

Trey Smith

Lighting and Video Designer - WAVE

Trey Smith Is an engineer with the WAVE team. Prior to joining up with WAVE, Trey spent 10 years in production ministry. Trey has a background in Lighting Design and IT Systems. he has been the Lighting Director for Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL since 2007. He has also been the LD for many major concerts and conferences including ARC All Access Conference and God First Life Revival. Trey is skilled in Media Server Integration with Lighting Rigs using Coolux Pandora’s Box and Arkaos Media Servers.

Jerod Togger

Jerod Togger

Production Coordinator - Real Life Christian Church

Jerod Togger is the Clermont Campus Production Coordinator at Real Life Christian Church. With 16 years of live production experience, Jerod is well versed in all aspects of audio, video and lighting. Jerod has 6 years experience with multi-site and portable church. He is familiar with ProPresenter and its various use’s from a standard presentation to projection mapping and multi screen use.

Jerod loves good coffee, a good burrito, reggae music. He is married to his high school sweetheart. They have been married 6 years.

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